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Original Artwork

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for Tympanic Membranes

ajos' Poetry Expressed
through Song

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ajos emporium provides a glimpse of the writing of the artist, ajos.

Also, order the poets book, Amorphous Models of the Soul,

in hardcover, trade paperback or ebook format.

It also provides an online gallery of the artist's art work.

ajos is a writer and artist, and has recently published a book

entitled Amorphous Models of the Soul,

of which a sample of the writer's work can be views at the excerpts link.

There is also a form that you can fill out to commission artwork in the artist's style.

Commissioned art work by the artist can be done as a singular piece

or as a series of pieces connected to a theme.

Most paintings by ajos have a poem that corresponds and

expresses the feelings or thoughts of the writer artist as each

painting pertains to the poem. When purchasing a painting

from ajos emporium, if there is a poem that is linked to the painting,

you will receive a hand written copy of the poem, signed by ajos,

and a copy of the poem will be written on the back of the artist's canvas.