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Polychromatic Humanity
by ajos

Short Story: Armageddon
Armageddon traveled the oceans, traveled far and wide. He saw more than two thousand sunsets over the blackness of the ocean and never got over how magnificent they were. For six years he traveled on board a boat, a nameless boat, which he christened with no name at all. Upon his wife’s death, life became insignificant, so he stalled his job, sold his stocks, and raked out his nest egg to buy the boat. Having little link to the world outside of his oceanic voyage, Armageddon kept no tabs on what was going on in the world. When he docked in small harbors, he spoke as little as possible to anyone, carried his supplies aboard, and as silently as he docked, disappeared. The world, to him, no longer mattered.

He sat beside her hospital bed, gleaming tears rolling from his eyes. She used what strength she had to wipe them away. He held her hand, kissing it ever so softly, being careful of the catheter which carried nourishment to her body. Rosa Marie could barely lift her head, or even turn it. She made quiet, ululating noises as acknowledgment to Armageddon’s questions and the expressions of his love. She cried, too—not because of her death, but because of Armageddon, a man with enough sense to amass a nice portfolio of money, but little emotional defense. She wanted to protect his spirit, as she found the sweetness of his gaze ever so potent. Rosa held his hand, lightly squeezing it now and again, her mind racing with the fear of leaving him so defenseless, so vulnerable. She gave no thought to fears about her own future, for his fears were even greater. Death can be a selfish time for any person, yet Rosa wished that she could survive just to keep Armageddon safe.

As Armageddon watched Rosa Marie die, she whispered something in his ear that until six years later, he could not comprehend: “Take care, sweet Armageddon. You will survive without me; you must survive without me.” Without the strength to move, she smacked her lips, symbolizing a kiss. As her eyelids fell, so did Armageddon; he fell to his knees, still holding Rosa Marie’s hand, and inside his head, he screamed, his mind vibrating as the raw and unrehearsed noise reverberated throughout it. That is when he set foot off of the world. He felt all of his security drift away with Rosa’s life, and every bit of his confidence, pride, rationality, and ability to love float away with her soul.

..continued in hardbound edition!


Short Story: Drive-by Shooting

“When you flew by me, I had no idea that the world was such a cruel place—that look in your eyes, the cruelty of your face, scarred by razor blades. How many times have you been shot anyway?” The boy didn’t answer. “You couldn’t be more that fifteen years old. How old are you?” Still no answer from the boy facing opposite the man with the calm, sincere voice. There was hardness in the boy’s eyes, though his distress was hidden by his lax demeanor.
The boy couldn’t have verbalized what he had been through; there was no common ground between him and the man who had saved his life. And introspection couldn’t be more difficult than it was at this point in the boy’s life. If he ever looked inward, a blazing fear would glaze his eyes over, so he refrained from looking inward. His life had been so rough that he could see only moment to moment. He never imagined that he could soar free from his fears and hidden desperation. The boy couldn’t express it, but the man was willing to draw it out as best he could.

.. continued in hardbound edition!


fromDream Evolution
(The Inextinguishable Flame
of POETRY and PASSION)by ajos


Poem: August
* * *
Stolen moments
Fringed epiphany
a friend to never die
as she lasts in memory
until the sun sets no more
eternally dark and brooding
avid for dismay
cast aside the bitterness
a night full of discomfort
swarming with
visions of grand
less physical
stampeded by thought
swirling and free falling
vividly dreaming
of a crystallized moment
a minuscule moment
of ashen clarity
from fire in the mind


Poem: Chocolate’s Theme
* * *
confectioner’s cure
for romantic interludes
alluding to chocolate
as sensuality breaks
strong and weak hearts
hearts indifferent
to the wind’s
energetic breeze
breathing life
into the dead
unencumbered piles of leaves
now the theme turns to discontent
as a frozen heart conspires
to find the dreamer’s
day of discontent
along a life
to lessons of passion
reaching deeper than
ever before
to find the heart’s compassion
as with greed
we find sexuality
passive, aggressive
fulfilling a need
as chocolate is the
keeper of the perfect indulgence
grasping to find
a lover to treat
as candy for licking
an aromatic bath for the soul
physically unhindered
by voluptuous need
as living takes form
in physical dreams


Amorphous Models of the Soul
(A Collection of Poetry)by ajos


Poem: February 26, 1991
Blocking out the sign
again, aren’t you?
Yes, but only to
handle the agony
What agonies do you
hold in store?
The pain of lonely
selfish minds
Your heart seems
Yes, it shows?
You need not
the envy
like other men
I swear to
be, but
not a man
Each breath you take
gives you life
In other words
I am dying
You must find
a way to
Finalize my
past deeds
strike them from
the record
Yes, keep your
mind on
future deeds
not clouded
by the past
I am too involved
in each new
word I find
the past
Your past is what
belittles you
Mind, mind keeps
looking back


Poem: November 20, 1993
A simple movement of union
joining with supple intensity
brought together by a
chilling touch
which shivers under skin
As a tight weave
of emotional insight
frowning upon this niche
with jealousy of
another god
who sits at a dinner table
carnivorously sucking
strands of flesh
as an insubordinate,
unwilling victim
with a comparison
of beauty and
pain betraying
one another
placating moral
whisking dust
of movement
of unworn sheets
persisting sweat
and afterthoughts
of guilt
so becomes the
ample strategy
to disguise
with indifference
collaborating theory
of pain and beauty
sweaty fog tinting windows
in such a tiny room

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